PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)

Saint Raphael School (609) 585-7733
Advisor: Mrs. Ann Cwirko
Teacher Liason: Ms. Deborah Davis

PTA fosters parental involvement at multiple levels within the community and the school. The organization directs and coordinates parental support of St. Raphael School through the school volunteer program, social events and fundraising activities. We focus on providing opportunities for parents and students to be an active part of our organization.

With everyone’s help, the PTA will continue to be a strong, successful and diverse organization. Please consider how you can help. Thanks to those who give so much time and money to St. Raphael School.

PTA Officers 2017-2019
President: Melissa Barnes

Vice President: Tina Angelico

Corresponding Secretary: Karen Colter

Recording Secretary: Laurie Komjati

Treasurer: Michele Falcone

Ways & Means: Nicole Mandell, Erica Witzel

Special Events: Nicole Browning

Hospitality: Jennifer Santiago, Lina Hollendonner

Spirituality: Melissa Brachelli, Samantha Kramer