St. Raphael-Holy Angels Parish warmly welcomes you to our parish community. We want you to know you can find a spiritual home with us. We invite you to enjoy our website and find information about our worship services, school, Faith Formation programs and parish organizations.

St. Raphael-Holy Angels Parish is a place of hope and healing, the place people turn to in times of need. We are a community of caring, faithful Catholics dedicated to service, worship and prayer, religious education, and works of charity. We offer ministries for adults, elderly, youth and children where you can form new friendships to support and encourage you to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Welcome home! We look forward to meeting you and worshipping our Lord together. Contact us with any questions. Discover a purposeful and meaningful life, take an active part in our parish community. Click on the Ministries tab and see the many ways to get involved. By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answers to our own.

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Building Our Future Together
Three-Year Pastoral Plan 2019 – 2021

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Building On Our Past
Securing Our Future

We are changing lives because of you.

I am grateful that our parish sees ourselves dedicated “to sharing our gifts, talents and resources in generous service to the Church and community.” We are good “stewards of God’s creation through the service to our parish, school, community and world.” Thank you for your sharing of God’s blessings.

We are a vibrant parish because our.ministrie:s (Food Pantry, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Social Concerns) are providing assistance to the less privileged. We introduce the young of our parish to the life of the disciple through our School and Faith Formation Program. Our Life Teen program brings our youth closer to Christ. Members and friends of SRHAP enjoy our warm welcome with pleasant music ministry. The prayerful atmosphere is powered by our Perpetual Adoration Chapel. We care for our sick, elderly and homebound. We build community through social events through our Elderberry Club and Filipino Ministry. Our gardens look always adorable. Our pastor is always smiling.

How are all these happening? Our Sunday Offertory Collection is the primary source of funding for ALL that happens at St. Raphael-Holy Angels. All this continues to happen because of your consistent weekly support.

We have to face our challenges: our mass attendance is going down and our Sunday collection is decreasing. Our operating expenses continue to increase. The cost of insurance, utilities and benefits rise each year. School ministry requires increasing the subsidy to educate our children. For these reasons, we are attempting to delay or eliminate expenditures wherever possible without reducing services. It pains my heart to delay the paving of some sections of our parking lot; I have no answers when asked if we can offer retreats in our Spiritual Center; our heating system is outdated and a new boiler system is not an option.

At the end of our journeying together, I see a light of hope: Building on Our Past, Securing Our Future.

But the needs continue. At this time, I ask you to consider your financial support of our parish, and upon reviewing the information contained in this brochure, consider as your means may allow, an increase to your Sunday offering. The weekend of September 28 & 29 will be Commitment Sunday. Please bring the completed commitment card you received in the mail or be prepared to fill one out that Sunday.

Good and faithful stewards of God’s creation, thank you! God bless you and your family!
In the service of the Lord, Fr. Gene P Daguplo

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Featured Ministry: Hospitality Committee

“The heart of hospitality is about creating a space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It is about declaring your space a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.” -Anonymous

The mission of Hospitality Committee is to make everyone, new and current parishioners feel that they are part of a warm, supportive and hospitable community where “all are welcome.” The spiritual pillar of Christian hospitality is our call to see Christ in others. A further element of being hospitable is developing an attitude of mercy. Fostering in our hearts an attitude of mercy can in turn help us to accept all we meet. EVERYONE who comes is in need of God’s love. The ministers of hospitality are hosts who put a face onto the parish. They welcome those who arrive and begin the process of forming them as a worshipping body. Practically speaking, they can welcome with love newcomers who visit the parish and they can awaken the “regulars” to the place of love and mercy at which they have arrived. This is done concretely by removing concerns, creating a sense of belonging and let people know, “This is a place where I can be loved”.

“Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” Heb 13:2

This ministry is composed of warm, friendly people who are interested in working together to create an attractive and festive atmosphere for various parish events. The committee organizes several events during the year, including Hospitality Sunday. The first Sunday of each month, we serve bagels, donuts, coffee, etc.

“For I was a stranger and you welcomed Me” Matthew 24:25

Ask yourself:  How welcoming am I?

• I am a welcoming presence in my parish.
• I am welcoming in my facial expressions and my mannerisms.
• I see Christ in others. Do others see Christ in me?
• I greet people as I approach the church.
• I greet people in the gathering space of the church.
• I make a conscious decision to speak positively about the Catholic Church, my parish, my pastor, etc.
• I make a conscious effort to participate in the Mass to give glory to God and give good example to others.
• I extend Christ’s peace to others, looking them in the eye, and acknowledging everyone around me.

We invite you all to cultivate a hospitable heart and help to create a more welcoming atmosphere in our church community. We appreciate any volunteers that would like to help out at our events. If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, opportunities are available for Hospitality Sunday at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 am Masses. Pick the time that works best for you. Please email Trish Teague or call the Rectory (609) 585-7049.

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Called by Name

Through Fr. Jason and members of the Vocation Team, the diocese is creating this process of inviting our young men (ages 16- 40) to discern a priestly vocation. If you are that man or you know a man with qualities to be a fine priest, fill out the Response Card, drop it in the collection basket or bring it to the office.  All parishes of the Dioceses of Trenton are participating in CALLED BY NAME, program of vocations awareness that begins this weekend. This program offers an opportunity for us to pray for vocations; to recognize gifts and potential for leadership and service in members of our parish; and finally, to call forth and encourage these members to share their gifts in priesthood.

Please remember your services are needed and appreciated. We can never have too many volunteers, volunteering once does not commit you to volunteer every time. STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the three videos below.

From left to right: Fr. Gene’s 60TH Birthday and Installation, Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Ireland 2018 and Did you know, about St. Raphael – Holy Angels.

Saintly Stories

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 3:14-15

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