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St. Raphael-Holy Angels Parish Together Again!

On March 4, 2005, the Most Reverend John M. Smith, Bishop of Trenton announced the restructuring of the Roman Catholic parishes in the Trenton area. This announcement was preceded by a year long study and analysis of the demographic trends, availability of priest personnel and resources to effectively serve the spiritual needs of the parishioners. As a result of this study, St. Raphael Church and the Church of the Holy Angels merged on July 1, 2005 to create the new parish of The Church of St. Raphael-Holy Angels. Both church buildings are located within two miles of each other on South Broad Street in Hamilton Township, New Jersey and will continue to serve as worship spaces for Sunday Liturgies.

However, sharing a new life together as a parish community was not something new for Holy Angels and St. Raphaels. Our long common history dates back to the Fall of 1921, when then Bishop Thomas Walsh established Holy Angels Parish. At the same time he also gave Father John F. Walsh, the first pastor of Holy Angels the responsibility for St. Raphael's Mission. For twenty two years, from 1921 until 1943 when St. Raphaels Parish was canonically established, the people of Holy Angels and St. Raphaels shared a common life together through the same pastor and priests, while celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at two worship spaces. With this rich history, the new parish community of St. Raphael/Holy Angels is not only a merger, but a reunion.

As with the first Christian Community who gathered to form a new life together, the Holy Spirit transformed the various people from different places to be a people who were of one mind and heart (Acts 4:32). We at St. Raphael-Holy Angels Parish are confident that it will be the same Holy Spirit who will today guide, unite and direct us to do the same.

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